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Guidelines on Creating and Moderating Groups

Groups bring together OrientFriendFinder Members who share common interests. Members may request to create a Group if a similar Group does not currently exist and the purpose of the Group is consistent with the interests of OrientFriendFinder Members.

Creating a Group

Any Member may request to create a Group. For details on how to create a Group, please refer to our User Guide on How to Create Groups?

Group Moderator’s Responsibilities

When you successfully create a Group, you automatically become the Group Moderator. Moderators are responsible for the editorial oversight of the Group, in particular moderating topics for Group discussions.

A Group Moderator can:

  • Create the Group name
  • Create the Group description
  • Upload a Group icon
  • Moderate group discussions by removing specific comments or discussions threads.

A Group Moderator is responsible for ensuring that the Group’s information (name, description, icon) and discussions are consistent with our Community Content Guidelines.

Criteria for New Groups

Requests to create a new Group are reviewed by OrientFriendFinder to make sure they are consistent with the following criteria:

  • The new Group does not overlap with any existing group
  • The nature of the Group is consistent with the interests of OrientFriendFinder Members
  • The Group name clearly depicts the topic of the Group
  • The topic of the Group is consistent with our Community Content Guidelines
  • The Group icon follows our Community Content Guidelines

Purpose of the Group

In assessing requests to create a new Group, OrientFriendFinder considers:
  • Whether or not the topic of the Group is consistent with our Community Content Guidelines
  • The international character of the proposed Group
  • The existence (current and past) of similar Groups and the level of active participation

Group Description

The Group description should provide a brief introduction on what the Group is about. There is a 300 character limit (including spaces) in the Group description field.

Group Icon

The Group icon should be an image that depicts the theme of the Group. The image should be a JPEG or PNG file with a maximum file size of 1MB and a minimum dimension of 100x100 pixels.

Active and Inactive Groups

OrientFriendFinder regularly reviews the level of participation within Groups to make sure that Groups are vibrant and add value to OrientFriendFinder Members. We regularly close Groups that are not active or have not reached a viable level of Member participation. Our current rule of thumb is that a Group should maintain at least 20 quality posts a week.

Adherence to Community Content Guidelines

Moderators are responsible for making sure that Group discussion threads and comments meet our Community Content Guidelines. OrientFriendFinder does not edit or moderate Group discussion threads or comments. As such we rely on the Group Moderator to manage this important responsibility.

Groups that do not meet the Community Content Guidelines will be removed immediately. Therefore, Moderators are encouraged to take an active role in facilitating and moderating discussions with their Group.

If you have specific questions concerning these guidelines, feel free to contact Customer Care.

OrientFriendFinder reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time.